Testimonials & Results Disclosure
Last Updated on 03 September 2023
Compensation And Benefits To Testimonialists:

We believe that the testimonials on this site represent the genuine opinions of the testimonialists. Some of these testimonialists may receive affiliate commissions for products or services they endorse, To the best of our knowledge we believe these testimonials represent the honest opinions of the testimonialists.

Generally Expected Results From Our Products/Services:

For testimonials we feature on our site that resemble "success stories" or "best-case" scenarios (as opposed to subjective opinions), we possess data to validate these results. We can also provide statements outlining typical results we anticipate consumers will generally achieve with our product or service. If you'd like this information, please request it by emailing support@philip-johansen.com

However, if you don't request substantiation data from us, it's advisable to consider that the results achieved by these testimonialists are exceptional and not the norm. Consequently, you should not anticipate achieving the same level of results or any positive results at all.

Subjective Opinion Testimonials We Post:

For testimonials featured on our site that are essentially subjective opinions, we don't independently verify them nor do we seek independent verification. Nonetheless, we believe, to the best of our knowledge, that the testimonialists are expressing their sincere opinions.

If you're unsure whether a specific testimonial falls under the category of a "success story" or "best-case" scenario testimonial or is simply a subjective opinion, please contact our compliance officer using the email address provided above to request clarification.
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